ICSE Class 9 Seeds MCQ New

ICSE Class 9 Seeds MCQ New Pattern

ICSE Class 9 Seeds MCQ By Clarify Knowledge

ICSE Class 9 Seeds MCQ Table


ICSE Class 9 Study of the First Element MCQ


ICSE Class 9 Study of the First Element MCQ

ICSE Class 10 All Subject MCQ

ICSE Class 9 Seeds MCQ HERE

Vivipary is the characteristic feature of

(a) hydrophytes

(b) xerophytes

(c) halophytes

(d) mesophytes

Answer: (c) halophytes

6. The tegmen of seed develops from

(a) perisperm

(b) funicle

(c) inner integument

(d) outer integument

Answer: (c) inner integument

7. Seed may be defined as

(a) ripened ovule

(b) fertilized ovary

(c) the gynoecium

(d) embryo

Answer: (a) ripened ovule

8. Embryonal axis is known as

(a) plumule

(b) hypocotyl

(c) epicotyl

(d) tigellum

Answer: (d) tigellum

9. The reserve food material in castor seed mostly occurs in the form of

(a) carbohydrates

(b) proteins

(c) oil

(d) sugar

Answer: (c) oil

10. Caruncle in castor seeds is

(a) the micropylar outgrowth of integument

(b) the endosperm

(c) shield shaped cotyledon

(d) extension of raphe

Answer: (a) the micropylar outgrowth of integument

11. If moistened seeds are placed in the following flasks, they would germinate best in the flask containing

(a) carbon dioxide

(b) oxygen

(c) nitrogen

(d) water

Answer: (b) oxygen

12. Vivipary in plants means

(a) germination of seeds in the crevices of stem where some soil is deposited

(b) development of pea nut fruits after the fertilization

(c) organisation of several shoots

(d) germination of seeds inside the fruit while it is still on the parent tree.

Answer: (d) germination of seeds inside the fruit while it is still on the parent tree.

13. The plant whose seeds are known to have the longest viability period is

(a) Carica papaya

(b) Nelumbo nucifera

(c) Zizyphus mauritiana

(d) Triticum vulgare

Answer: (b) Nelumbo nucifera

14. Removal of seed coat in dormant seeds by mechanical methods is called

(a) emasculation

(b) separation

(c) scarification

(d) vernalization

Answer: (c) scarification

15. When the seeds show hypogeal germination, the part that pushes the cotyledons into the soil is

(a) epicotyl

(b) hypocotyl

(c) plumule

(d) radical

Answer: (a) epicotyl

16. Hypogeal germination is found in

(a) bean

(b) maize

(c) Rhizophora

(d) Cucurbita

Answer: (b) maize

17. Protective layer of radicle during seed germination and endosperm formation is

(a) coleoptile

(b) coleorrhiza

(c) suspensor

(d) plumule

Answer: (b) coleorrhiza

18. When seed germinates while the fruit is attached to the parent plant, is called

(a) apomixes

(b) vivipary

(c) parthenocarpy

(d) parthenogenesis

Answer: (b) vivipary

19. Membranous leafy cotyledons are found in the seeds of

(a) castor

(b) bean

(c) gram

(d) pea

Answer: (a) castor

20. Exalbuminous seeds are found in

(a) Ricinus communis

(b) Cicer arietinum

(c) Tamarindus indica

(d) both b and c

Answer: (d) both b and c

21. A seed is

(a) developed ovule

(b) fertilized and developed ovule

(c) developed ovary

(d) fertilized and developed ovary

Answer: (b) fertilized and developed ovule

22. Hilum of seed is

(a) scar of micropyle

(b) scar of funiculus

(c) area through which pollen tube enters the ovule

(d) a grandular region which attracts pollen tube

Answer: (b) scar of funiculus

23. Tigellum is

(a) embryonic axis

(b) embryonic root

(c) embryonic shoot

(d) embryonic leaf

Answer: (a) embryonic axis

24. In exalbuminous seeds, the food is generally stored in

(a) cotyledons

(b) endosperm

(c) testa

(d) hypocotyl

Answer: (a) cotyledons

25. Integumentary outgrowth present over the micropyle of castor seed is

(a) chalaza

(b) caruncle

(c) aril

(d) wing

Answer: (b) caruncle

26. The remains of nucellus present in the seed constitute

(a) endosperm

(b) endocarp

(c) perisperm

(d) aril

Answer: (c) perisperm

27. In endospermic seeds, the cotyledons are

(a) leathery

(b) fleshy

(c) fleshy and green

(d) papery

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