CBSE Class 10 Democracy and Diversity MCQ New Pattern

CBSE Class 10 Democracy and Diversity MCQ By Clarify Knowledge

CBSE Class 10 Democracy and Diversity MCQ New Pattern 2022


ICSE Class 9 Inequalities Solution


CBSE Class 10 Democracy and Diversity MCQ

CBSE Class 10 Democracy and Diversity MCQ Table

Question 1.
The Civil Rights Movement in the US was led by
(a) Martin Luther King Sr.
(b) Martin Luther King Jr.
(c) Nelson Mandela
(d) Abraham LincolnAnswer

Question 2.
Homogeneous societies exist in
(a) Germany
(b) Sweden
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) neither (a) nor (b)Answer

Question 3.
The Black Power Movement emerged in
(a) 1966
(b) 1970
(c) 1971
(d) 1990Answer

Question 4.
African-Americans were the descendants of
(a) Americans
(b) Africans
(c) Indians
(d) GermansAnswer

Question 5.
The aim of the Civil Rights Movement was to end
(a) child abuse in the UK
(b) racism in the US
(c) slavery in France
(d) none of the above.Answer

Question 6.
Which one of the following statements is not correct about social division?
(a) Too many small divisions are better than a single big division.

(c) It is only in countries like India that we have social divisions.
(d) Assertion of social diversities in a country need not be seen as a source of danger.Answer

Question 7.
What does the “Civil Rights Movement of USA” signify?
(a) A movement against the discrimination
(b) A reform movement for the Civil Rights of the citizens
(c) A reform movement against the social discriminations of Afro-Americans
(d) None of the aboveAnswer

Question 8.
Which three countries faced the problem of social division?
(a) United Kingdom, USA and India
(b) Belgium, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom
(c) Sri Lanka, Canada and India
(d) Belgium, Germany and USAAnswer

Question 9.
African – American is the term used for:
(a) Africans who were brought into America as slaves
(b) Black Americans of America
(c) Martin Luther and his group
(d) John Corlos and SmithAnswer

Question 10.
To show his support to the protesting. American athletes during the award ceremony of Mexico Olympics, Peter Norman
(a) wore no socks
(b) wore a human right badge
(c) wore a black scarf
(d) wore a string of beadsAnswer

Question 11.
What is the society with similar kinds of people called?
(a) Homogeneous
(b) Heterogeneous
(c) Humane
(d) HumbleAnswer

Question 12.
Name the prominent religious group in Northern Ireland and the Netherlands?
(a) Judaism
(b) Christianity
(c) Islam
(d) None of the aboveAnswer

Question 13.
Which of the sentence is correct?
(a) Every social difference does not lead to social division
(b) Social differences divide similar people from one another
(c) They also unite very different people
(d) All the aboveAnswer

Question 14.
Who led the Civil Rights Movement in USA?
(a) Martin Luther
(b) Martin Luther King Jr
(c) Martin Davis
(d) Benjamin FranklinAnswer

Question 15.
Which of these sentences is not correct about the “Black Power Movement”?
(a) It emerged in 1966
(b) It lasted till 1975
(c) It was a more militant movement
(d) It advocated peaceful methods

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