CBSE Class 10 6 Work, Life and Leisure MCQ New

CBSE Class 10 6 Work, Life and Leisure MCQ By Clarify Knowledge

CBSE Class 10 6 Work, Life and Leisure MCQ New Pattern 2022


CBSE Class 10 6 Work, Life and Leisure MCQ


CBSE Class 10 The Age of Industrialisation MCQ

CBSE Class 10 6 Work, Life and Leisure MCQ Table

Question 1.
Who wrote The Bitter Cry of Outcast London?
(a) Durgacharan Ray
(b) Andrew Mearns
(c) Thomas Hardy
(d) Charles DickensAnswer

Question 2.
The name of Baron Haussmann is associated with
(a) London
(b) Tokyo
(c) New York
(d) ParisAnswer

Question 3.
Which one of the following was not a Presidency city?
(a) Calcutta
(b) Bhopal
(c) Madras
(d) BombayAnswer

Question 4.
Chartism was a movement for
(a) equal pay for equal work
(b) adult male franchise
(c) limited hours of work
(d) women franchiseAnswer

Question 5.
The city of Bombay Improvement Trust was established in the year
(a) 1898
(b) 1918
(c) 1921
(d) 1925Answer

Question 6.
Bombay was a group of seven islands under the
(a) British control
(b) French control
(c) Portuguese control
(d) Dutch controlAnswer

Question 7.
The Temperance Movement aimed at
(a) developing new lungs for the city of London
(b) cleaning up London
(c) reducing consumption of alcoholic drinks amongst the working class
(d) recognising the need for housing for the poor.Answer

Question 8.
Dombey and Son was written by
(a) Martin Luther
(b) R.L. Stevenson
(c) Thomas Hardy
(d) Charles DickensAnswer

Question 9.
Which one of the following is not a characteristic of a city?
(a) Centre of intellectual activities
(b) Centre of Trade and Industry
(c) Homogenous population
(d) Hub of political and economic activitiesAnswer

Question 10.
What does Mayapuri mean to Bombay?
(a) A city of life
(b) A city of dreams
(c) A city of happenings
(d) A city of slums

Question 11.
What were the Presidency cities in India?
(a) Bombay
(b) Madras
(c) Calcutta
(d) All of the aboveAnswer

Question 12.
In the late 18th century, how did the working class people spent their holidays?
(a) Dancing at home
(b) Eating and spending time at home
(c) In visiting museum
(d) Meeting in pubsAnswer

Question 13.
When did the first section of the Underground railways in the world opened?
(a) 10 January
(b) 25 march
(c) 15 April
(d) 20 MayAnswer

Question 14.
What do you mean by ‘Temperance Movement’?
(a) A movement led by the rich to stop drinking on the streets
(b) A movement in Britain and USA, aimed at reducing alcoholism amongst the working classes
(c) A movement to start alcohol free
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 15.
Who was Charles Booth?
(a) A Liverpool ship owner
(b) A rich merchant
(c) A philanthropist
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 16.
When did the London poor exploded in a riot?
(a) 1889
(b) 1875
(c) 1886
(d) 1879Answer

Question 17.
The industrial smoke in Calcutta is finally controlled by whom?
(a) Bengal Smoke Nuisance Commission
(b) The factory owners
(c) The Bengal government
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 18.
What do you means by ‘Akharas’?
(a) A place for exchange of news
(b) Meeting areas for businessman
(c) Traditional wrestling schools
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 19.
What do you mean by “Reclamation”?
(a) To take back land from the rich
(b) To reclaim marshy or submerged areas
(c) Force to donate haves land
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 20.
When was the Bombay came under the control of the British?
(a) Bombay was given as a part of dowry to England
(b) Bombay was captured by British
(c) Portuguese sold it to the British
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 21.
How could the problem of scarcity of land in Bombay be solved?
(a) By high-rise buildings
(b) Through massive reclamation projects
(c) By sending migration people to their original homes
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 22.
What was Chartism a movement for?
(a) For children below 18
(b) For women
(c) For adult male franchise
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 23.
Which sub-urban of Bombay was the mill village?
(a) Thane
(b) Girangaon
(c) Kalyan
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 24.
What do you mean by Mayapuri (Bombay)?
(a) A city of businessman
(b) A city of slums
(c) A city of dream
(d) None of theseAnswer

Question 25.
Name the first movie made by Dada Saheb Phalke?
(a) Bombay
(b) Poorv aur Paschim
(c) C.I.D
(d) Raja HarishchandraAnswer

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